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Saturday, December 30, 2017 at 23:34

This tutorial explains easy steps for Ubuntu 17.10 to connect to OpenVPN service (with a gratis trial account). As you may know, is one among a few privacy-respecting VPN providers listed at, and it provides free trial. This article is for you new user or first-timer in using OpenVPN on Ubuntu. Enjoy VPN!

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AzireVPN at

If you care about your internet privacy, you may know great website such as Privacy Tools very well. AzireVPN is listed there as one of VPN providers that offer free trial. I have tried all providers that provide free trial there and I found that AzireVPN is the easiest & time-saving among them (it doesn't ask you any payment, any credit card or BitCoin, nor even any email; its registration process is very simple) for GNU/Linux users.

AzireVPN at as per 30 December 2017


1) Install OpenVPN client program
$ sudo apt-get install openvpn
2) Install needed user-friendly GUI program for OpenVPN
$ sudo apt-get install libnm-glib-vpn1 network-manager-openvpn network-manager-openvpn-gnome
3) Create an AzireVPN gratis account

Go to "Try Now" page at Create a gratis account (active only for 24 hours). You don't need email or credit card there. Just remember the username and the password you created there.

4) Login to AzireVPN (just to get the config file)

Use your username and password to login to AzireVPN web dashboard.


1) Get .ovpn config file

As an example, I download the config file of "Canada - Toronto" server here. Then my IP address (seen by websites) will be changed to Canada's address whenever I connect using AzireVPN.

2) Setup Network Manager with .ovpn file

First, go to Network Manager at top panel > select VPN > select VPN Settings > press + button at VPN section > select Import > navigate to your .ovpn file

Second, enter your username and password there > press Add button.

3) Enter your AzireVPN password

Switch "ON" the VPN & you'll asked for your AzireVPN password. Enter it and press Connect.

4) Connected

Once connected successfully, you'll see the network icon changed to "VPN icon" (a lock over a cable) like below.

How to Disconnect

To close the connection, go to Network Manager > select your AzireVPN name > select Turn Off.

How to Check

To check whether you successfully using AzireVPN or not, you can visit website like and see the "IP Location" field. This examples uses Canada - Toronto server so this website should says "Canada (CA)" location like picture below. Do the same thing with your connection.

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