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Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 23:36

How to write Japanese characters like 「ウブントゥ」 on Ubuntu MATE? Do you want to type document in Japanese Kanji, Hiragana, or Katakana? You can do it easily using Fcitx Mozc program on Ubuntu MATE, as I introduced previously at Kubuntu. This tutorial applies to Ubuntu MATE and any Debian-based GNU/Linux using MATE Desktop. Enjoy!

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1. Install Mozc

Install Fcitx Mozc tools first (needs ±30MB on Ubuntu MATE 17.10):
sudo apt-get install fcitx fcitx-mozc

2. Switch to Mozc

Do this:
im-tool -n fcitx

3. Relogin

Logout from Ubuntu MATE and login again. This may feels strange but this works.

4. Add Japanese Keyboard

Notice! If on the top panel you can see keyboard icon and it has "Mozc Tool" option if you right-click it, then skip this step.

On Ubuntu MATE top panel, go to System > Preferences > Other > Fcitx Configuration*.

In the Input Method Configuration dialog: press Add ("+") button

*) if you cannot find the menu, then simply command it:  fcitx-commandtool

5. Write Japanese

Open a text editor (Firefox, LibreOffice, GIMP, Inkscape, Pluma, Terminal, etc.): put your cursor on it > right-click on "keyboard icon" on top panel > input method > Mozc > keyboard icon changes into orange ball > right-click the orange ball > Composition mode > Hiragana > now type on your text editor Japanese Hiragana characters!

Use Composition mode: Full Katakana to type Japanese Katakana.

Use Composition mode: Hiragana and type something (like 'sakura') and press tab to see Japanese Kanji characters suggestion.

To write small characters of Katakana ァ ィ ゥ ェ ォ 「a i u e o」: first activate Composition: Full Katakana > press 'x' key before vocal key. For example to type small Kana 'ァ' press 'x' and then 'a' and then Enter.

That's all for you. I am not a Japanese native writer so please correct me if I'm wrong. Arigatou gozaimasu 「ありがとうございます」!