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Monday, October 23, 2017 at 21:28

Here I list useful free software applications for Ubuntu 17.10 users. This including lightweight web browsers, video player, and also alternatives to Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, or such nonfree software applications. You also can read how to install them here. I hope this list will help you in your first days using Artful Aardvark!

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This is a list of apps for Ubuntu 17.10. If this is not what you're looking for, read how to install, or download links, or beginner's guide.

How To Read

  • All applications mentioned here are available in Ubuntu 17.10 repository so you don't need to download manually one by one from each website.
  • Some applications mentioned here are already installed in Ubuntu 17.10.
  • Press Ctrl+F in your browser to find something in this article, such as, photoshop.
  • Example 1: to install Emacs:  $ sudo apt-get install emacs 
  • Example 2: to install Ring:  $ sudo apt-get install ring 
  • Example 3: to install Midori:  $ sudo apt-get install midori 

Part 1 Web Browser


This part is for you having hard times with Firefox or Chromium that is too heavy.

  • QupZilla: very lightweight and fast web browser.
  • Midori: more lightweight web browser than Qupzilla.

Personally, I recommend QupZilla because it's very lightweight yet still give you browsing capabilities like Firefox (even I write this article in QupZilla).

QupZilla in action

Part 2 Alternatives


This part is for you first-timer Ubuntu users who came from MS Windows environment.

I hope these recommendations are useful for you looking for image editor, download manager, and other popular kind of software.

LibreOffice Writer in action

Part 3 Multimedia Playback


This part is for all users who like to play videos and audios.

  • VLC Media Player: play all kinds of video and audio.
  • Minitube: watch YouTube videos just like watching TV.
  • Rhythmbox: audio player (just like Winamp). Installed by default.

I recommend VLC as all-in-one solution of our multimedia.

Rhythmbox in action

Part 4 Programming


This part is for newbie programmers in desktop and web developments.

  • Geany: very easy to use and lightweight programming text editor.
  • Codelite: lightweight programming text editor for C/C++ language.
  • Qt Creator: lightweight, easy to use to program application in C++ with GUI.
  • Emacs: advanced all-purpose, all-language feature-rich text editor for programmers.

I recommend Geany for all first-timers in programming in any language (C, C++, Python, PHP, etc.) because it's really easy to use.

Emacs in action

Part 5 Multimedia Editing


This part is for you who like to edit videos and audios.

  • Kdenlive: to replace Adobe Premiere or Windows Movie Maker.
  • Flowblade: easy to use video editor with nice interface.
  • Blender: best known as 3D modeller, but has a nice video editor.
  • Audacity: easy to use full-featured audio editor.
I recommend Kdenlive for any first-timer in video editing.

Further Links

I recommend you to read more about your privacy in internet. Also, you can read the main source and inspiration of this article from FSF Directory. And yes there are also links from The GNU Project containing lists of recommended free software. Finally I hope this article is helpful for all of you. Enjoy!

  • - Software recommendations that respect your privacy and security (and warnings against software that don't!)  in all major operating systems [personally, this is my first & favorite web about privacy]
  • - Full info about global surveillance that can hurts your privacy and how to secure yourself from it.
  • - an online encyclopedia that lists all free software around the world.
  • - FSF list of software recommendations for Windows users (but please first read about Windows here)
  • - list of all GNU software applications including list of 100% free GNU/Linux systems
  • - A special libre program that protect your web browsing privacy by encrypting your internet DNS requests.

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