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Friday, September 22, 2017 at 22:42

Artful will have a new GNOME Tweak Tool, version 3.26, which is called Tweaks now. This tool provides you capability to alter your desktop, such as moving control buttons from left to right, adjusting options, or disabling/enabling Shell extensions. Take a look to its new stuffs below.
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Here's an animation overview of all pages in Tweaks 3.26.


It's been renamed to Tweaks, has new settings such as Disable touchpad while typing and also ability to switch control buttons on-left-or-right, showing battery percentage on the top bar, and it gained new look. Also a new thing it shows it's own version (e.g. 3.26) plus Shell version (e.g. 3.26) plus GTK+ library version (e.g. 3.22.19) on the About dialog. It grew through 3.25.1, 3.25.2, 3.25.3, then 3.25.91. It's interesting to read such articles from Jeremy Bicha (the developer of Tweaks) from Ubuntu Planet. Also, you can keep up development changes to Tweaks on official NEWS file.

It's enjoyable to read the news using Thunderbird:

NEW: Percentage

Go to Top Bar category > enable Battery Percentage > you get the percentage of battery power on top panel.

NEW: Disable Touchpad

Go to Keyboard & Mouse category > turn on Disable while typing > now your touchpad is off while you're typing.

REMOVED: Install Extensions

Personally, I am not happy with this because it's always easier to do it from one application, not two. You cannot install/remove extensions anymore using Tweaks, so you must use GNOME Software to do that. The Software has that ability since 3.22, while the Tweaks lost it since 3.25.2. Anyhow, you can read the details too on NEWS file.

Tweaks 3.26 has no "Install" button for Extensions anymore:

Where are my extensions? They're on GNOME Software now:

NEW: Extensions Button

Actually, this feature has been added since 3.24 (read NEWS file) but it's still nice. It's easier now to disable all extensions by a single click. 

NEW: About

See, there are 3 version numbers representing the application, the Shell, and the GTK+ library