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GUADEC 2017, the latest GNOME Project annual conference, has been held at 28 July-2 August 2017 in Manchester, United Kingdom. I collect as many resources as possible here including presentations & videos (so you can download them), poster & template, write-ups by attendees, and of course the links about GUADEC 2017. So, if you didn't attend GUADEC 2017, you still can find the resources here! Enjoy!

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GUADEC Website

The official site for GUADEC 2017 is at

GUADEC Schedule

The schedule for GUADEC 2017 is available at

Unconference Schedule

The Unconference is a workshop/traning program and a place for GNOME community members to work together. They're talking about contributions, Flatpak, GTK, and Rust, and many more! For example, have a look at Flatpak Workshop. Here's a screenshot of the table, and you can find it at

Presentation Template

This is the official presentation template for GUADEC 2017. It's cool! You can download the files at GUADEC Materials page. To be precise, they're located at GNOME Git repo.

Presentations & Documents

These are the download links for Presentations presented at GUADEC 2017 from the participants (GNOME Hackers and Developers). They're available in PDF format. You can download by right-click > Save Link As below. All of these information are actually available at

GUADEC Poster!

These are posters created to promote GUADEC 2017. They're available at GitHub: GNOME Marketing

GUADEC Videos!

You can find them at two places: (1) downloadable at official GUADEC server (2) streaming at YouTube on GNOMEDesktop channel's playlist GUADEC 2017

Articles by Participants

These are the articles about GUADEC 2017 by all the participants (GNOME Hackers and Developers). You can also find them at

The Sponsors

GUADEC 2017 got many sponsors. Big thanks to them!

  • Codethink
  • Private Internet Access (PIA)
  • Google
  • Endless
  • Red Hat
  • openSUSE
  • Igalia
  • Mozilla
  • Collabora


The GNOME Project is a free software community that promote software freedom and develop GNOME 3, a desktop environment and complete free software solution for everyone. GUADEC (GNOME Users And Developers Europe Conference) is an annual conference to gather all developers, contributors, and community members to discuss and develop GNOME.