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Saturday, July 1, 2017 at 23:04

In the last post, I explained Google Calendar read-only access setup on Evolution Mail Client. Now, if you want the read-write access setup, this article explains it. This article is dedicated for all Evolution users on Debian, Ubuntu, and other GNU/Linux distros.

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1. Add CalDAV Calendar

Run Evolution and add a new Calendar. Select "CalDAV" from the choices.

2. Add G. Calendar CalDAV URL

Enter a valid CalDAV URL of your Google Calendar account by editing this URL below:


If your email is "" then the correct URL would be:

See picture below, enter the URL and your email address then press OK:

3. Login with Password

Evolution will ask you for your Gmail password. Enter it and press OK.

4. Sync Calendar

Evolution will now download your Google Calendar and display all events. Not only that, editing on Evolution will also edit the online one on Google Calendar server.

5. Test Adding/Editing Events

Once sync finished, try to add or edit new events. They should be synced between Evolution and online calendar. Happy working!