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Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at 21:24

KDE Connect is a new feature of KDE to connect all the user's devices. It means you can control your computer from your phone, touching phone screen to navigate the mouse pointer, transfer & browse files between computer and phone, control the multimedia player playing tracks, ping, ring your phone remotely (i.e. while it's gone), and many other features awaiting. This article introduces you how to use it between a computer with KDE 5.8 and an Android phone.
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You need to install KDE Connect program in your Android phone. It's available via F-Droid (the free software central) and Google Play Store. After doing this, connect your computer into your phone. The easiest way to do this is by using WLAN tethering from Android phone to your computer (and you don't need any internet connection to use KDE Connect).

Devices Pairing 

After the two devices connected via WLAN, you can choose either pairing from the phone or from the computer.

  • From computer: in KDE, open KDE Connect program > KDE Connect window appears > click Refresh button > you should see your Android phone name there (i.e. "Sony Experia U") > click Request Pair button > a new notification showing in your Android phone > Accept the pairing request from Android phone > now the both devices paired.
  • From Android phone: open KDE Connect program > open menu > tap on "Pair new device" button > select your computer name available (i.e. "yourname@localhost") > tap "Request Pairing button" > a new notification showing on your KDE desktop > click "Accept" button > now the both devices paired. 

Control The Computer from Your Phone

You can do many things between your phone and your computer with KDE Connect. First, you can control your pointer movements by your phone's touchscreen. Then, you can send files from your phone to your computer (and vice versa). And then, you can control your audio and video player running on computer from your phone.

Find The Phone!

You can "force" your phone to ring remotely from your computer. It's very convenient while you forget where you have placed it (as long as it's connected via KDE Connect). On KDE, click on KDE Connect icon on panel > click megaphone icon > then your phone will ring with a large "FOUND!" text appears.

Send Files Between Computer & Phone

Once connected, you can transfer and browse files mutually between the two devices. On KDE, click on KDE Connect icon on panel > click folder icon > Dolphin will appear showing your Android phone directory tree complete with your files in that phone.

Remote "Mouse" from The Phone

From your phone, inside KDE Connect, select "Remote Input" option and start to touch your screen while seeing your computer screen. Your swipe, tap, touch, double tab, count as normal mouse interactions. It is very interesting while you can do anything with this, including running and closing any program.