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Sunday, October 25, 2015 at 01:53

We've written article about Ubuntu 15.10 release yesterday. Here we write few things we will always do after installing Ubuntu 15.10. All things we do can be done by point and click without Terminal.

1. Set Repository

Every freshly installed, Ubuntu has no multiverse and universe (two from four) repository enabled. You should enable them manually then Reload to sync the newly enabled repositories. To do this, open System Settings (gear logo) > Software & Updates > check multiverse and universe options > Close > Reload > wait until finish. You will need internet connection (approximately 10 MB downloading) to do this. After doing this, you can install approximately 50.000+ packages with Ubuntu Software Center.

2. Enhance Package Manager

Install Synaptic and GDebi. For long term use, you will need GDebi to install single packages by few click. You will need Synaptic for comprehensive install, remove, or upgrade any programs from your system. Ubuntu Software Center is good, but it has no complete control like Synaptic and GDebi.

3. Change Wallpaper & Theme

Ubuntu comes with new fresh wallpapers. To change it, open System Settings (gear icon) > Appearance > select a wallpaper from right panel. To change default theme, you can select it from below the wallpaper options. In this example, we use Radiance theme.

4. Desktop Settings

Few enhancements can be made here. In example, move the global menu back into titlebar in every application. To do this, open System Settings (gear icon) > Appearance > Behavior > check In the window's title bar. Beyond that, you can install Unity Tweak Tool from Ubuntu Software Center to control your desktop completely.

5. Set Privacy

Ubuntu has few new privacy changes such as Lense or application logging. If you dislike that, you can disable that.