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Senior author, Open Source enthusiast.
Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at 17:07

When you work with Scribus, you save into SLA file format. This SLA file is different with ODT or PDF format. It doesn't contain any picture or file you use inside your design. To proof that, just look at the file size. If you give your SLA file to another Scribus users, they won't open the SLA perfectly because all the pictures or files are still in your computer. Not inside the SLA file. Now, how to bundle all pictures or files so you can give it to your partners or you use it for working with another computer? Here the methods.

  1. Open Scribus. 
  2. Open your SLA file. 
  3. Open menu File > Collect for Output. 
  4. Check Include Fonts and Include Color Profiles in the dialog appears. 
  5. Select folder to save all files. 
  6. Press OS. 
  7. Go to that folder, ZIP the folder. You may use built-in Ubuntu archive program or anything. 

Now you can give the ZIP file to your partners or use it everywhere you find Scribus.