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Monday, April 20, 2015 at 14:26

KeePassX is a cross-platform password manager. It is licensed in GPL2. And it is available in Ubuntu official repository. A password manager like KeePassX is important if we often forget our own passwords. This article will show you how to install KeePassX in Ubuntu and how to use it.


Install KeePassX

By GUI, you can search for keepassx in Ubuntu Software Center and then install it:

By Terminal, type this command and let Ubuntu install KeePassX:

sudo apt-get install keepassx

How To Use It

  1. Open KeePassX. 
  2. Create new database. 

  3. Create new master password.
  4. Reenter your new master password.
  5. Now you get KeePassX show you basic account database. It is still empty.
  6. To insert your account into KeePassX, add new entry. 
  7. Insert your username and password into your new entry. For example, to create an entry for your Gmail account, see picture below. 
  8. Click OK to create that entry. 
  9. Now you see a new entry in your KeePassX database. 
  10. You can create more entries by repeating points 6 - 8.
  11. Save your database by menu File > Save Database.
    Save Database

When You Forget A Password

Now when you forget a password, open again your KeePassX. And open the entry you saved. Click the eye icon besides password box to reveal your password. Make sure nobody besides you when you do it.