With E3 wrapping up neatly over summer and the prospect of new and ever more expensive next-gen games hitting our consoles and PC’s in the coming months we’ve decided to help you save some cash for those games further down the line by giving you a great selection of fun free Linux games you can download and play just now.

1. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Starting off our list strong we have Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, this great game is legendary amongst those who played it as part of the original single player FPS game.
Now a stand-alone free source game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a no-holds barred, nostalgia filled return to the glory days of early 2000’s online multiplayer gaming as two teams of the Allies and Axis tear each other to shreds across a range of maps and objective based games with an assortment of deadly weaponry and special abilities for each character class.

2. ZEQ2 Lite
It wouldn’t be a free Linux list unless this bad-boy made an appearance. This open source mod features everyone’s favourite cast of super powered fighters from the iconic Dragon Ball Z universe. Players can knock seven shades out of each other whilst using all the special energy attacks and different abilities from the show. With colossal explosions and golden haired Super Saiyans galore this fantastic game is a must-play for any DBZ fan. 

3. Greedy Car Thieves
Taking its roots from the early isometric gameplay of the original GTA series Greedy Car Thieves is a frenetic top-down action game that allows players to freely roam a vast cityscape and cause all sorts of carnage. Outside of the free-roam mode there’s also a ton of additional multiplayer rounds of Bombmatch, Race and a map editor that allows you to create your own explosively exciting games.

4. Runescape
Say Runescape to any gamer worth their salt and they’re sigh and shake their head, still around today this great game was everyone’s first ever MMO before they moved onto GW2 or WOW.
With a massive map of which you can access about 50% of it for free this great game has a simple charm to it and a ton of class customisation available since there’s no set archetype and what you end up being depends on the skill you practice the most. With literally hours’ worth of content and quests to go on it’s definitely one to check out if you want a good yet basic MMO to play.
Just remember to not follow anyone into the ‘Wilds’ area as you’ll get wrecked by higher level players and lose all your gear in those far-flung PVP zones.

5. Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe
Last but not least on our list is Open Source version of Transport Tycoon, a remake of the cult 1995 game you can build up your transportation and industrial empire from scratch or invite your friends in to compete as rival business in this fantastic free game. If you want a real 90’s nostalgia kick you should definitely download this one.
However, if none of these are appealing you could always try playing something like bingo if you desperately need a digital distraction.
Although are there Linux users that play bingo? I don’t think they visit these sites as they’re normally still financially crippled after the last Steam Sale or Humble Bundle.
So instead of splurging out on the latest next-gen title to come out in the next few months why not save a bit of cash by playing one of these fantastic, and more importantly free Linux titles instead.