Hello readers! I'm sorry for not writing any post in this blog lately. Today, I'd like to share my experience on enabling "Open as Root" or "Open as Administrator" on Nautilus context menu. This kind of context menu is very useful because we can directly edit file (text file) which is located in system folder e.g. we can edit source list file by right clicking on the file and select "Open as Root" as the below image shows.

OK let's get started, first thing first, please make sure you have "gksudo" installed on your system. Execute "sudo apt-get install gksu" to make it sure. Once installed, please copy this script into a new file:

Now, save the file into "/home/your_username/.local/share/nautilus/scripts", and give a name "Open as Root.sh" or name it as you wish. See the below picture!

The next step is give the file an execution permission. Now, right click on "Open as Root.sh", select "Properties" and navigate to "Permission" tab. Activate "Allow executing file as a program" option.

The last step is restarting Nautilus, you can do that by simply restart your computer or open Terminal and type the following command:
  • nautilus -q
Done! you have a useful "Open as Root" context menu on Nautilus!

Good luck!