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Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at 08:55

A lot is written and discussed these days about cloud computing and advanced file sharing services. In fact, these types of technologies and services represent some of the hottest "buzz topics" in online business, and are recognized as helpful tools for increasing efficiency of Internet work. But can such tools really be of assistance to the average online business or company website? To a large extent, that may depend on your website's specific needs with regard to file sharing, collaborative work, and communications. Generally speaking, however, advanced file sharing services have a great deal to offer. For a brief introduction on the specifics, here are a few noteworthy benefits an online company or website can receive from ShareFile, a popular name in this field.

Large File Transfer
Perhaps the main benefit of advanced file sharing services for online business ventures is the ability to smoothly and easily transfer large and complex files. Such files - be they expansive documents, large video or audio files, presentations, etc. - can be difficult or impossible to send to co-workers or clients via ordinary email. With a file sharing service in place, however, these sorts of files can easily be sent and received without a second thought, and for certain types of business this can be a significant benefit. Again though, the true benefit depends on your needs online.

File Transfer Security
Alongside the transfer of large or complex files, these services can also offer you increased security for these transfers. This means everything from the ability to send encrypted, password-protected files, to assurance that your emails and communications reach their intended destinations. For certain online businesses, this sort of security can be of incredible value.

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is a hot topic all on its own, and its benefits are difficult to oversell. Essentially, access to a cloud network offers you efficient collaboration, work flexibility, and backup of important documents and projects. When your work is uploaded to the cloud, it can be accessed from any device with Internet access. This means that your work is not dependent on any single device (a significant failsafe), and also that you and anyone else with access to the cloud can work from anywhere, at any time. Simply put, it's a more efficient and sensible way to conduct business online, and it appears to be the way of the future.

Web Design Integration
Finally, by linking your online business with a file sharing and cloud provider like ShareFile, you can also assure smooth web integration. Sometimes when you pick and choose exterior services as you need them, the result can be a somewhat clumsily put together work interface and system. However, when you take advantage of services from a single provider, your new tools (file sharing, cloud access, etc.) can be integrated into your existing website in a smooth and easy to use way that is appealing to you, your co-workers, and potential clients.