Recently, I wrote a post about Linux Kernel 3.8 (stable) release. Today I'll give you the first maintenance release of Linux Kernel 3.8 series, and of course, I'll give the links of deb packages so you can install and remove it easily. Please note that installing this Kernel may broke your system, pleas use at your own risk! The Linux Kernel 3.8.1 brings some driver improvements on USB devices such as support for Huawei "ACM" devices, Yota / Megafon M100-1 4g modem, Alcatel modems, and more!

Some Linux Kernel 3.8.1 changes and improvements:
  • usb: musb: fix dependency on transceiver driver
  • USB: usb-storage: unusual_devs update for Super TOP SATA bridge
  • USB: storage: properly handle the endian issues of idProduct
  • USB: option: add Huawei "ACM" devices using protocol = vendor
  • USB: option: add Yota / Megafon M100-1 4g modem
  • USB: option: add and update Alcatel modems
  • And more!
For a complete list of Linux Kernel 3.8.1 changes, please click here.

Install Linux Kernel 3.8.1 on Ubuntu
Please don't install this kernel on production system because it may break your system. In case, you want to try Linux Kernel 3.8.1, please download all files according to your system architecture (32bit or 64bit), put the files on same folder.



Please make sure, you put them in the same folder, open Terminal and change the working directory to the folder which contains deb files and execute the following command:
  • sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Good luck!