The Linux Kernel 3.8 (Stable) is a new series of stable Linux Kernel which is available for Ubuntu. It's amazing gift to Linux users. The Linux Kernel 3.8 released with includes support in Ext4 which improves the performance for these files and saves some disk space. There is also support for the Microsoft Windows 8 multi-touch protocol, and a new filesystem F2FS optimized for SSDs.

Linux Kernel 3.8 (Stable) changes and improvements:
  • Improved ACPI power management in the never-ending battle of improving the Linux power efficiency and performance-per-Watt
  • A wide variety of XFS file-system changes
  • Continued work on 64-bit ARMv8 / AArch64 support.
  • Tons of staging driver changes.
  • Support has been dropped for the old i386 CPUs to reduce the complexity of the Linux kernel.
  • DMA-BUF support in V4L2 so that Video 4 Linux 2 drivers may share buffers with their DRM graphics drivers in a zero-copy manner.
  • In certain workloads, the Linux kernel now goes through a lot less system memory.
  • Linux support for the Microsoft Windows 8 multi-touch protocol.
  • Audio driver improvements, including new sound card drivers.
  • Performance improvements for cryptography on Linux.
  • Support for the yet-to-be-released IBM POWER8 CPUs.

Install Linux Kernel 3.8 (Stable) on Ubuntu
You can install Linux Kernel 3.8 on Ubuntu from deb packages. Please note that Linux Kernel 3.8 has not been officially released yet on current version of Ubuntu. So, please use at your own risk! Download all these files according to your system architecture and put them in same folder.



Once download, run the following command to install:
  • sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Good luck!