Hello, my name is Rizal Rahman, and i'm a new writer in ubuntubuzz. I'm an Indonesian people and i'm a Blogger too. Linuxku.com is my first blog. If you have some free times, just try to visit that my simple blog okay :D.

Emm, i think enough for the introduction, and if you find any mistakes in my post because of my bad English, i hope you can forgive me. Let's sharing and learning together :D

In this my first post, i want to share a little trick about how to fix if your Ubuntu Dash gives no search result and doesn't show anything. This problem come to me when i installed my friend's laptop with Ubuntu 12.04. I remembered that there is no strange thing happened while the installation process, but after the installation is finished, i just try to click the Dash and i'm starting to search some application keywords. And it doesn't show anything. Just blank, and show me an error message like"Sorry there is nothing that match with your searches", you can see it on the picture below :

If you are getting the same problem with me, dont worry, just execute two simple step below and everything will be done.

1. First, open terminal and execute this script :

$ sudo apt-get install unity-place-applications unity-place-files

2. After that just log out and log in back again and see the change that you have made. :D

I hope these useful for you :)