I have written a post about LinBerry, BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Linux. But, unfortunately, the website for download LinBerry installer is down until now. So, I decided to write a post about another BlackBerry Desktop Manager which can be installed from Ubuntu repository. Introducing BarryDesktop!

Although it has less features than LinBerry, at least you can use it to backup and restore database, use BlackBerry as modem (only few operators supported), browse database so you can add and remove contacts, memos, calendar, etc. Barry Desktop has synchronization feature too but since opensync plugin has removed from Ubuntu 12.10 repository, you can't take any advantage from this feature.

Using Barry Desktop is very straightforward, simply plug the USB cable and connect it to BlackBerry device and run Barry Desktop. It will detect the connected BlackBerry device automatically. Once connected, you can perform many tasks related to it.

Backup and restore database

Modem Tethering

Browse Database

And there is another cool feature which let you to migrate data from one BlackBerry device to another. With this feature, you can copy data from old BlackBerry device into the new one.

Are you interested in it? Simple open Terminal and type:
  • sudo apt-get install barrydesktop
Or find it on Ubuntu Software Center.

Regards :)