Just a quick update for today! The codename for upcoming Ubuntu 13.04 has been announced by Mark Shuttleworth: "Raring Ringtail".

So bring along a Nexus 7 if you’re coming to Copenhagen, because it makes a rumpty reference for our rootin’ tootin’ radionic razoring. The raving Rick and his merry (wo)men will lead us to a much leaner, sharper, more mobile world. We’ll make something… wonderful, and call it the Raring Ringtail. See you there soon.
Although the codename has been announced, the mascot of the release is still a mistery. According to wikipedia, there are a lot of meanings of "Ringtail". It can be a fish, mammal, bird, or invertebrate. Well, we will know when the time has come :)

via: WebUpd8