Well, if you are new to Ubuntu especially Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal, you should take some time to read "Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.10" book which is available for free download as PDF or buy its printed version from http://ubuntu-manual.org/.

A brief introduction about Ubuntu-Manual.org:
Our project is an open source volunteer effort to create and maintain quality documentation for Ubuntu and its derivatives.
We were founded in 2009 by Benjamin Humphrey, who saw the need for targeted up-to-date and consistent documentation for the Ubuntu operating system.
It didn’t take long until the project amassed hundreds of contributors, and what Benjamin originally envisioned became a reality as the Ubuntu Manual Project blossomed into an ambitious and successful project. We have a strong emphasis on just "getting things done" and therefore we have a fast-paced development environment filled with lots of unique ideas.
Our mission is to provide a wide range of quality educational materials to lower the Linux barrier to entry for new users and in turn increase Ubuntu’s market share.
So, what's in Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.10 book? This book is suitable for those who are new in Ubuntu.
1. Installation: downloading, trying, and installing Ubuntu on the computer
2. The Ubuntu desktop: understanding Unity interface, browsing files and documents, customizing the desktop.
3. Working with Ubuntu: browsing the web, making document, playing audios and videos
4. Hardware: Connecting new hardware, using webcams, printers and scanners
5. Software management, advanced topics, trouble shooting and more!

Well, if you are interested on reading it or share it to your friends, please visit ubuntu-manual.org and grab the book. It's FREE for PDF version.

Regards :)