China's ZTE Corp, the world's fourth largest mobile phone handset vendor, is cooperating with Mozilla, maker of web browser Firefox, to launch Firefox OS powered smartphones in Q1 of 2013. Firefox OS is an open source smartphones operating system which intend to enable the open web technology as mobile platform. Our friend Aamir Mustafa has written a post about Firefox OS, please check it out here.

This ZTE's move is part of ZTE's plan to diversify away from Android and Windows Phone OS. David Dai Shu said that ZTE are trying to increase their efforts in coming up their own operating system while introducing Android based product. ZTE plan to create a better balance of products using various operating system. ZTE will not just rely on Google Android and Microsoft Windows Phone.

ZTE will roll out the operating system with Mozilla over the next few months, and plans to unveil a product for use in mobiles either at the same time or a little later, Dai said, according to reuters.

Demo video of Firefox OS:

Firefox OS gives us more choices on smartphone operating system. It's up to you to choose: Android, Windows Phone, Tizen (Meego), or Firefox OS :)

via: Reuters