The upcoming Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal will be released at October 18th. Definitely, many Ubuntu users will wait for this moment to see what's new of Ubuntu release and playing around with it. Ubuntu will releases its new version every six months and publishes the release schedule very early before the development begin. In today's short post, I'd like to share is the release schedule of Ubuntu 13.04 "R", although the code name of Ubuntu 13.04 has not been decided yet :D

Please let me to make a summary of the release schedule:
  • December 6th 2012: Alpha 1
  • February 7th 2013: Alpha 2
  • March 7th 2013: Beta 1 Release
  • March 28th 2013: Beta Release
  • April 25th 2013: Ubuntu 13.04
For a complete list of Ubuntu 13.04 Release Schedule, please click here.

Regards :)