Hello readers, if you often work with CodeIgniter Framework and use Netbeans as its IDE, you should try CodeIgniter plugin for Netbeans. It's still under heavy development and there are just few features:

  • Registering CI Archive Files(now only Core and Reactor 2.0.x) in NetBeans as Project Template.
  • Creating template file for auto-completion.

But in the future it should be able to:
  • Edit auto-completion template file.
  • Register Language Pack Files.
  • Support Sparks.
  • And more!

I assume that you have the latest version both Netbeans and CodeIgniter. When I write this post, the latest version of them are Netbeans 7.2 and CodeIgniter 2.1.2.

Open Netbeans and navigate to "Tools > Plugins" select "Settings" tab, and press "Add" to add new repository. Please fill in the form:
  • Name: Type whatever you like.
  • URL: http://kenai.com/downloads/nbphpci/Latest_NetBeans720/updates.xml

Click OK, and select "Available Plugins" tab. Search for "codeigniter", you should have the following search result:

Check the two plugins and click "Install" and follow on screen instruction. Once installed, you need to download zip archive of CodeIgniter you are working on (only CodeIgniter 2.x.x supported). For example, you are working on CodeIgniter 2.1.2, so you need to download that version too. Put the downloaded zip in place easy to remember.

From Netbeans menu, navigate to "Tools > Options" select "PHP" section and then select "CodeIgniter" tab. Click on "Base Files" and click "Add Zip ...", please locate the ZIP file of CodeIgniter you've downloaded before.

Click OK!

When creating a new PHP project, you can choose CodeIgniter as a project framework!

Enjoy :)

Further information: http://kenai.com/projects/nbphpci/pages/Home