I wrote a post about how to install Adobe AIR on Ubuntu/Linux. Today, I want to write a supplemental post on how to uninstall installed Adobe AIR applications (and Adobe AIR runtime itself) on Ubuntu/Linux. Let's get started.

There are two methods for uninstalling Adobe AIR applications:
1. From the *.air file
The Adobe AIR application installer comes with uninstall option for installed application. Simply run the *.air file and choose "Uninstall" when a dialog appears on the screen.

2. Via Ubuntu Package Manager
If you've lost your *.air file, you can uninstall the application via Ubuntu Package Manager. For example, I have installed Klok 2 on my computer, so I should run:
  • sudo apt-get remove klok[tab]
It's strongly recommended to use tab completion on Terminal because the package name of the installed application is too long.

Uninstalling Adobe AIR runtime
If you wish to remove the Adobe AIR runtime, simply run the following command:
  • sudo apt-get remove adobeair
Please note that uninstalling the runtime will remove ALL installed AIR application!

Regards :)