Almost after two years of being in inactivity, the latest version of the first and only open source Quran tool Zekr is available for download. The latest version comes out with many new features and bug fixes. Ubuntu and Linux mint users can install Zekr from PPA.

Mohsen Saboorian the developer of Zekr dedicated the new version to the  Muslims of Rohingya, Myanmar, world’s most prosecuted people who are expelled, killed and oppressed as a daily routine in their own country. And urged the whole Muslim world to pray for them in this holy month of Ramadan.

Some of the new features in the new versions are

  1. Listening to multiple (two or more) recitations, aya by aya, is possible.
  2. It is possible now to dock recitation player on: bottom, top, task pane and even have it float.
  3. Show translation under search results.
  4. Native support for media keys on Windows (play, pause, next/previous track, etc.).
  5. Zekr is now shown on the system tray icon.
Also from this version, for first time a portable Linux version containing Java (JRE and Mozilla browser (XULRunner 10.0.4) is also released, which should work seamlessly on any recent Linux distribution.

Installing Zekr on Ubuntu 12.04

To install Zekr on Ubuntu use the following commands
  • $ sudo add-apt-repository
  • $ sudo apt-get update
  • $ sudo apt-get install zekr

This will create an extra entry of Islamic Software in both unity and gnome dash menu where you can find the Zekr tool installed.

JazakAllah Khair

Ramdan Mubarak :)