Gnome wants to create its own Linux distribution. Well, we all know that Gnome is a popular desktop environment used by many popular Linux distributions including Ubuntu (although Ubuntu now uses Unity). So, what Gnome OS is about?
“There’s a lot of confusion around GNOME OS. People assume that it means that GNOME will be launching its own distribution, but that’s not what GNOME OS is about. GNOME OS is about providing a complete, coherent and consistent experience, so that a whole OS can be given that GNOME look and feel.
One example of the work we are doing for that is the new initial setup assistant which is being created for GNOME 3.6. It will always be up to distributions whether they take advantage of these new elements to the GNOME 3 experience, of course. What it means, however, is that GNOME will be offering a more complete package than ever before.”
Today, I'd like to share some proposed design and features for Gnome OS, simply click the given links to view all pictures. Some of features may arrive on next Gnome release (Gnome 3.6), but some may don't. Or Ubuntu may adapts the design and feature for next release? Mmm, I don't know.

Gnome OS Design Whiteboards
Login Screen
The new Login Screen (GDM) with curtain transitions.

System Suspend, Stop, and Restart
Stopping and restarting the device. Manage multiple users and open applications.

Software Updates
Gnome needs a design for how updates for the operating system and applications are handled.

Authorization Dialog
Dialog presented by the system when an application or service requests authorization of additional privileges to take a certain action. For example, installing new software may not be allowed automatically within a supervised or managed account.

Modal Dialogs
Modal dialogs are sometimes necessary to allow interaction with a windows that doesn’t have the necessary controls in place. Typically this would be a File>Save dialog. The dialog doesn’t really stand on its own, it only makes sense in relation to the parent window. While the dialog is open, interaction with the parent window is not possible, but it is desirable to see the content of the parent window to better understand the context of the dialog (realize what sort of file I am saving in the case of the Save As dialog).

Well, if you want to see the whole proposed features and designs of Gnome OS, please click here.

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