Dear readers! Recently I wrote a post about installing GIMP 2.8 on Ubuntu. Today I'd like to share you many good resource to learn GIMP. I hope this post is useful to get better skill on using GIMP.

1. Malgalin's YouTube Channel
This channel is maintained by Jackson Bates. You can watch a lot of video tutorial about GIMP, you can learn about basic photo editing, "pimp you GIMP", vector drawing with GIMP, and more! You can also request video tutorial to Jackson Bates too.

GHUJ is a cool site which many designer might be interested in. GHUJ provides gallery of many pictures and photo works created with GIMP. You can select a picture, click the little circle button on bottom right corner, and get tutorial on how to do that.

3. Gimpology
Gimpology provides step-by-step tutorial and video about creating project with GIMP. This place is suitable for those who like learning by example :)

Bonus! Blend Fu
Blend Fu is a website which provides many ready-to-use brushes for your GIMP project. With these brushes, you can draw leaves and other beautiful objects easily.

Regards :)