Playterm is a web service which can replay your terminal sessions online, by providing embedcodes which you can put onto your blog, article or website. This is very useful especially for you who often makes tutorials or presentations about Command Line Interface (CLI) in your online articles.

Why you should use Playterm?
There are several reasons to use PLAYTERM, and replay terminal recordings online:
  • its extremely educative
  • best promotion-tool for CLI application(s) for ALL audiences!
  • you can explain, and perform commands at the same time
  • its more timesaving and readable than recording a playterm.g, or wink movie
  • its timesaving: a tutorial AND showcase at the same time.
  • uses less bandwidth then flash(video) solutions
  • lightweight javascript embedcode to drop in your blog/article/website
  • promote and present your commandline app the web 2.0 way!
Unfortunately, Playterm doesn't allow us to set our own video size. It has only two size of video: 80x24  pixels and 120x35 pixels.

If you are interested in recording your Terminal activity and share it with your friends, you might enjoy using Playterm:

Playterm: Embed Your Terminal Recordings Online

How to record my Terminal activity? Please click here to get the instruction to do so.