Tariq Krim, Founder and CEO Joli Cloud and Netvibes yesterday announced the launch of their new cloud service called Jolicloud Me.

Jolicloud is best known for its lightweight Ubuntu based cloud-focused operating system on desktop and a Mobile & web based service.

Jolicloud Me, a new addition to the Jolicloud family.

Jolicloud Me will provide three features to help keep track of your images, videos, music, links and documents.

 A ‘Personal Search’ engine will let you track down individual files. A ‘Cloud Library’ automatically sorts all the items you have stored in multiple services, arranged by media type, time or location in real-time. Finally, ‘Collections’ allows you to pull together groups of content from different services, in multiple formats either for personal convenience or to share with friends.

At the London Web Summit today, Tariq Krim, CEO of Paris-based Jolicloud unveiled that Jolicloud Me is launching in beta from today on an invite-only basis. You can request an invite here. It will initially by offered as an HTML5 Web app for use in desktop browsers and on the iPad, and as native iPhone and Android apps.