Mozilla Foundation today officially announced the launch of its new Mobile OS platform called Boot to Gecko (B2G). For all those who want to know how B2G is different from other Mobile Operating Systems such as Android or iOS, B2G is the Chrome OS of the mobile world and is ofcourse open source. Mozilla called its new in-house wonder  "Web as the Platform for the mobile devices". B2G will be able to run any web application just like Chrome OS, so if you are a web developer and already developing web apps you don't need to do anything new, your app will be ready to run on B2G as soon as B2G is in the market.

Web Developers just need to write a small web app manifest for the app to be installed on your homescreen, just like you do it for Google Chrome Browser and Chrome OS for your web app to be download-able from Google Chrome web store. 

Another distinctive feature apart from Web as a Platform is the UX called Gaia. It is so open that a user can have a look at the underlying HTML source code of a web app at the press of a hardware button and hack it for personal customization.

What makes Gaia extra interesting is that it is all developed in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Gaia code is available on GitHub and one can just check it right now to test or contribute.

Gaia is designed to demonstrate the functionality, reliability and creative potential of the open web as a mobile platform.

The following is a quick visual tour of Gaia, and what it means

Here is a Video demonstration of B2G prototype.

Mozilla also clarified that it has avoided using any major Android components to duck any future patent trolls or licensing issues. Mozilla also managed to strike an alliance with Telefonica and Qualcomm to deliver very low cost phones to users worldwide.

Looks like Android and iOS gonna face tough competition coming days :)