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Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 10:45

Ubuntu TV project is a new project from Canonical (Ubuntu) which inspired by a Smart TV, Canonical comes with a passion to provide a fully entertainment to user and enter the Smart TV market without any costs and complexities, Ubuntu TV combine a broadcast, time shift, online box office, personal cloud, apps and disk media experiences in one package.

The Ubuntu TV is planned to initially target in the US and China (will changed if there is a deal with local content provider) and is said it will be available by the end of 2012. Google and Apple, who are expected to unveil prominent TV products this year, apparently Cononical will compate with Google and Apple to unveil prominent TV products this year.

Ubuntu TV Architecture
at a glance, the interface is not much different from Ubuntu current release (Unity interface), The layered architecture of Ubuntu TV is Hardware -> Ubuntu Core (Linux Kernel) ->  Applications -> Lenses -> Scopes ->Unity.

Ubuntu TV Architecture
Ubuntu One Packed in Ubuntu TV
Ubuntu One will built-in to the Ubuntu TV, so you can connect to your photos and videos that saved in your personal cloud.

Ubuntu TV Features And Advantages
Taken from its official site, Ubuntu TV contain of some features as follows :
  • The official ‘Ubuntu TV’ site lists a features to be found in the OS.
  • Easy integration of broadcast, online services and applications
  • Modern broadcast TV experience – search , watch, record and play
  • Millions of movies and TV shows streamed over the web on demand
  • Shared-screen experience with iOS, Android and Ubuntu devices
  • Pause on one device, resume on another
  • Ubuntu One integration
  • App framework
More closely to Ubuntu TV
This screenshoot and video may give you brief visualization of Ubuntu Tv (screenshoot and video taken from 

Get Closer with Ubuntu TV

Ubuntu TV Guide

Search and play your favorite

Ubuntu TV Specification
Here are Hardware specification of Ubuntu TV taken from its official:
  • Support for ARM and x86 boards1
  • Local storage support for DVR functionality2
  • Minimum disk space: 2GB
  • Minimum memory: 1GB
  • Minimum video memory: 512 MB
  • HDMI
  • CEC support
  • Digital audio out
  • Hardware accelerated video capable of displaying content at 1080p3
  • Network connectivity: Gigabit Ethernet & Wireless b/g/n
  • USB host support
  • Bluetooth HCI interface
  • Modular tuner for broadcast TV (Satellite, Cable, Terrestrial)
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