For those who are using GNOME Shell must be excited with this news. GNOME shell extension website has been launched yesterday as public alpha stage. You must use Firefox with an extension - which is installed by default on GNOME 3.2 - to get an easy one-click install from the website. There is also an "on-off" button shown if you are running GNOME Shell when visiting the website.

As an alpha stage, there are some bugs and problems:

  • There are some bugs that currently cause the browser plugin to not work correctly in WebKit-based browsers like Epiphany or Chrome. We will fix these bugs in subsequent releases of GNOME Shell, but for now using Firefox to access is advised.
  • Extensions that use GSettings to store user settings cannot be currently installed as a user; this limitation will be fixed for GNOME 3.4. In the mean time, extension authors should avoid the use of GSettings if they want to make their extension available via
  • Due to a bug in GNOME Shell 3.2.1 code, the uninstall button will not work for some extensions. Disabling extensions still works, but if you want to remove an extension entirely, you'll need to manually delete it from ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions.

For now, there are a few extensions available for download such as Alternative Status Menu, Frippery Application Menu, Dock, Exaile DoubanFM Control, etc. So, please take a closer look to GNOME Shell Website and grab what you like :)

GNOME Shell Extension Website

Enjoy :)