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Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 06:43

Gnome 3 is contain of several supporting application which tightly integrated with the core OS, all supporting application start from utilities, panel, dash, widget, extension, and file browser are well collaborated to make good appearance and performance of Linux desktop.

The GNOME developers  has release mockup for some of core application that support Gnome. At glance, some of their mockup looks good, eye candy and feel modern, Is This new appearance of Gnome 3.3 or more ? well, let's see..

Here following mockup taken from Gnome website, give your opinion so that they can give a better. (click the image to get larger size).

Web Application Mockup
Impression to be conveyed is simple, clean, beautiful view of the web.

Gnome 3 Web Application Mockup

Chat Application Mockup
Chat application mockup (this design may dedicated to empathy) seen some significant differences from application that now exist, this is looks blend with the main system.
Gnome 3 Chat Application Mockup

Contacts Application Mockup
Some goals is contact application must be tightly integrate with online contacts storage, simple and easy way to view details, and provide a way to link contacts stored in the user's various web accounts, so unifying them into a single person.

Gnome 3 Contact Application Mockup

Mail Application Mockup 
Impression to be conveyed is simple, streamlined, and beautiful email client designed for GNOME 3.  hmm.. what about thunderbird, or this is thunderbird ?

Gnome 3 Mail application Mockup

Nautilus Mockup (File Browser)
Seem to be many changes that occur in Nautilus, It would be nice to have a simple and elegant replacement to show the Documents, Photo, Movie, or Music directory, from the mockup that shown, is it possible if nautilus will probably have an application like "Globus preview" by default.

Nautilus showing document directory
Nautilus showing picture directory
Nautilus showing Movie (Fullscreen)
Nautilus showing video directory

Boxes Mockup
It would be wonderful to have a simple GNOME 3 app for accessing other computer systems or images. designed by Jon McCann, Jakub Steiner.

Clock Application 'widget' Mockup
Clock application 'widget' get more complex and fitted with Word clock, Alarm, Stopwatch, and Timer. 
Some of design above looks very interesting, blend with the core system, modern and functional, we hope that all of the design above can be realized immediately. For more information, you can check @