In my previous post, I shared my experience using XFCE on how to setup dual-monitor. Today, I'd like to share another XFCE trick on how to enable Dropbox "Copy Public Link" on Thunar File Manager. If you have never heard before, Dropbox is online storage service that offers 2GB disk space for free account, while Thunar is default file manager for XFCE desktop, it's like Nautilus in Gnome desktop. Okay, before we jump into the trick, please let me show you what will we do in this post.

Installing requirement
You have to install an application called "xclip" that can be installed by typing the following command:
  • sudo apt-get install xclip

Downloading script
Download the script called "" here and place in "/usr/bin". Once downloaded and placed well, please type the following command to make it executable:
  • sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/

Setting Up Thunar File Manager
Now, you have to add custom action in Thunar File Manager which will get the public url using and then copy it to the clipboard using xclip:
  1. In the Thunar menu, go to Edit/Configure Custom Actions...
  2. Press the uppermost button in the left (the + button).
  3. In the dialog which appears, fill the following entries:
  4. Name: Copy Dropbox public URL Command: bash -c " puburl %n | xclip -i -selection clipboard"
  5. In the Appearance Conditions conditions page, mark every checkbox but the Directories one.
  6. Accept, and then close

Now, you can copy Dropbox Public URL from Thunar's context menu as shown in the first picture above.