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Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 22:36

We Feel so pleased yesterday when some visitor say that "Ubuntu 11.10 Works out of the box in MacBook Pro 5.4/5.5/6.4/8.1"   

After that, we google it to find more information, here summary of Install Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot in MacBook Pro.

Unlike Ubuntu 11.04, Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot recognize almost all hardware of MacBook Pro and some of them works out of the box without any setting such us : VGA Intel HD, Multitouch Trackpad, FacetimeHD Camera, Sound, CardReader, Monitor brightness and Keyboard Bakclight. When I was looking for any reference on the net some errors that we encountered among others Bluetooth and MacBook Pro Wireless. Here some required setting to install Ubuntu 11.10 in Macbook Pro

Instal Ubuntu 11.10 MacBook Pro
before it's start, you should read my previous article here, step by step to install Ubuntu 11.10 on MacBook Pro was actually same as there, some things you need to change is the ISO, change the ISO with Ubuntu 11.10 for MAC (64-bit), download through following address :

Download Ubuntu 11.10 ISO for Mac 64bit

Fix Setting MacBook Wireless
Some of MacBook Pro Series having a trouble in wireless, there are two option regarding this problem. you can use third party application/driver emulator like ndiswrapper or do patching the kernel, but we suggest you to do the last option that is patching the kernel, because people having trouble like system suddently freeze, and over heating when use ndiwswrapper. Read my following article to fix Broadcom BCM4331 Problem (use in MacBook Pro 8.1).
Setting MacBook Pro Wireless

Fix Setting MacBook Bluetooth
Some MacBook Pro having problem with the Bluetooth (ex:MacBook Pro 6.0) but not all, If you experience this install btusb-dkms from MacTel PPA, do as following :
  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mactel-support && sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install btusb-dkms
Note: some people having trouble with Bluetooth in Ubuntu 11.10 (not only MacBook), as we mention today, there is update for Bluetooth tools and daemons, Bluetooth ALSA daemons, and Bluetooth printerdriver for CUPS. So  update immediately after finish installing Ubuntu 11.10.

Fix Setting Mouse and Touchpad
Your MultiTouch and trackpad is works, right ? to get more setting of them go to System Settings > Mouse and Touchpad. See the image bellow.

Ubuntu 11.10 setting multitouch setting for MacBook Pro

Some additional application which help you to configure multitouch is Touchégg, Touchégg is a multitouch gesture recognizer for GNU/Linux that allows associating actions to each gesture.

Touchégg GUI Interface
Touchégg is available in both 32bit and 64bit as deb, download and install Touchégg as following
  • wget
  • wget
  • sudo dpkg -i touchegg_0.2-maverick_amd64.deb && sudo dpkg -i touchegg-gui_0.2-maverick_amd64.deb
it's should fix now, welcome Ubuntu 11.10.

Credit to radithux for excellent research and post