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Sunday, August 7, 2011 at 10:46

So far, Ubuntu / Linux still relatively safe from virus, so.., should we install some Anti-Virus on this OS ? the answer would depends on what's your needs. Regarding to the Standard ISO 9001 there is a rule that "required for us to install some Anti-Virus on Server", This rule also applies on Ubuntu / Linux Server.
AVG Anti-Virus is one of choice which can install in Ubuntu / Linux. a Free of AVG Anti-Virus for Linux is available for private and non-commercial use only, we can installed it and Update a Virus Database regularly free of charge. Here step by step to install AVG Anti-Virus on your Ubuntu / Linux :

Download the package here, or type following command in your terminal :
  • wget -c
Following command to install AVG Anti-Virus on Ubuntu :
  • dpkg -i avg85flx-r874-a3473.i386.deb
Using Free AVG Anti-Virus in Ubuntu / Linux
Through 2 step above, you should have an AVG Anti-Virus installed on your OS, here step to use AVG Anti-Virus on your Ubuntu.
Start AVG Anti-Virus
  • sudo avgctl --start
Scanning a Virus
  • $ avgscan -H /desire_folder
  • $ avgscan --heur /
Update a Virus Databases
  • $ sudo avgupdate --priority 2
  • $ sudo avgupdate -p 3
  • $ sudo avgupdate -p 4