Google has release (soft launching) their new application called Google+ (Plus), can Google+ steal facebookers ?

What is Google + ?
Google+ is social media network which integrated with all google application, just like Facebook, you can manage your social account such adding foto, sharing news, sending invitation, and more. till now Google+ is still not available to all internet user (public) but google has invite several people to try their new product by invitation, some rumors say google also invite Facebook management (including Mr. Mark zuckerberg).
Google+ Welcome Page
"Can Google+ beat Facebook?", The real question may not be too precise. This is not about one site against another site because Google + is bigger than that. The reason why Google calls "Google Project +" is because Google + would become a central of Google's identity. It will reshape the company. So the more appropriate question is "Can Google beat Facebook?" If it is placed like that, the contest appears to be much more balanced.

Regarding to question above, here are some reason (opinion) why Google+ is better than Facebook.

Google+ is Integrated with Google services
Most added value of Google+ is integrated with all Google features and equipment to almost all its online services ranging from documents to video search. Google+ is already integrated into almost all Google products. Google+ allows you to monitor all events Google+ (message, updates, etc.) When sharing content with friends without leaving the Google service you're using. Millions of people use the free Google services (Gmail, Documents, Search, etc..), And the attachment of these services with Google+ might be easy for someone to leave Facebook.

Google+ Has Better Friendships Management
The concept of "Google+ circles" is closed with the way of how to make a friends in a real life. We have many kind friends, and we interact and communicate with them in different ways. The different way how to make a friend what i mean is communicate with academic friend (a friend in a campus/school) is different with coworkers, isn't it ?.

Google+ Spark Make Easier to find things to be divided
Spark features in Google+ is one more important thing that can not be forgotten. Spark is where Google leverage its search engine to do something that can not be done to Facebook users an instant flow of information relevant to share with friends, cause Facebook does not have a search engine, users must leave the site looking for data that can be divided or waiting for their friends to share it with them. The question "how do I look for something to be shared" directly answered by Spark.

Google+ Group Chat Features is Awesome
A group chat features is like Conversation Chat in Yahoo messenger, using Google+ we would easy to make a special video chat group using the Google+ Hangouts features. A similar case was conducted by Huddle mobile application that allows users Android launch group text chat.

Google+ Has Better of Handling Personal Data
Facebook is known less reliable to handling personal data. Suppose you were forced to make certain parts of your personal data appear to the public, and it is very difficult to permanently delete your Facebook profile (this is a suck part of Facebook). On the other hand, Google makes it possible for you to retrieve all the data you place on Google + and left. This is done through the Google+ called "Data Liberation". With just a few clicks you can download data from your Picasa Web Albums, Google Profile, Google + stream, Buzz and contacts.

Running a social networking it's all about responsibility to take care of users' personal information. Facebook is a fast moving young company that has been proven cavalier in its movement, is less concerned about the privacy of user data, and easily accessible to others. On the other hand, Google is a much more mature company that looks much more reliable than Facebook.