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Friday, July 15, 2011 at 10:01

Regarding to our post here about Ubuntu 11.10 wallpapers candidate, here are 10 Most Beautiful Landscape wallpapers taken from Oneiric Ocelot Wallpaper Submissions Group on Flick. We think that a lot of beautiful wallpapers has subscribed, we hope it will new wallpaper available and decorate ubuntu 11.10 Oneric Ocelot although it cononical/ubuntu team authorize only.

Here are 10 Most Beautifully Landscape wallpapers for your ubuntu, collected by Ubuntu Buzz ! Team, theme that we pick was natural scenery for other theme we will be post next :

Snail By gimmykin

Rose by By Simon Schlegl

 By FireCobold - Szilu

Cornfield 4/5 Background 1/5 By Stafford Student 

at Sunset By majownik 

Field By gimmykin

 Momiji Dream By Yahohomimi 

Autumn Birch By puncophoto

 Perfect Blue By manuhank

With less of experience and knowledge of photographic technic, we think that all wallpapers above is very beautifully (so did the others). We just pick best 10 Picture from Oneiric Ocelot Wallpaper Submissions Group in our opinion :) .. so  where's yours ?