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Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 18:31

Backtrack is one of popular ubuntu based distro that give a lot of support at security and penetration testing which is preferred by hackers and other linux fans. Yesterday May 10th 2011 Backtrack Linux has released their new version Backtrack 5 with codename "Revolution", Backtrack 5 - Revolution was built on Ubuntu Lucid LTS using Kernel 2.6.38 patched sees that many bug fix since it's previous Backtrack 4. What's new in Backtrack 5 Revolution, see Backtrack 5 (GNOME) first look and review taken from youtube bellow :

Download Backtrack 5 Revolution
Do you interested, download and install Backtrack 5 from it's official website or you can download it here :
How to Run Backtrack 5 Revolution in Ubuntu
As we know that Backtrack 4 application can be run on ubuntu although it's not perfect (some application can't work properly) here, we still wait for possible Backtrack 5 application repository which can be used/implemented in ubuntu 11.04 or bellow, we will confirm soon at the time we get the source, other ways you can tell us if you get the link. Anyway we would to say thanks to backtrack team for this amazing creation.