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Monday, July 12, 2010 at 14:02

FBlogger in draft special version of Blogger where the Blogger development team try out the new features before they release them to everyone, to access google in draft you can go to, if you already have blogspot account or blog you can make this ( to your default dashboard. Blogger already have beautifful change based on google in draft and it's review, see what different from it's old version of Blogger.

Blogger Stat, Built-in blog statistics made blog monitoring as easy as Google Analytics
Blogger stat is one of the the new feature of Blogger, Blogger Stat is built-in blogger tools for monitoring blog statistics and track your blog traffic, if you wanna start using this feature Just go to Blogger in Draft, and you'll notice a new "Stats" tab. You don't have to install or configure anything to start benefitting from Stats.
Blogger Stat of traffic inbound
Blogger Stat show mount of visitor 

Better Way to Posting Article
  • As we see in blogger in draft, blogger has made a little change in how to compose a blog posting, blogger add some fancy tools which made way of blog posting easier, as we can see in blogger post editor toolbar there is one tools added namely 'translate'. I used to use google translate to help me to translating from english to indonesian or opposite, now i can little bit faster to search a strange vocabulary :p
New view of blogger in draft post editor toolbar

  • Provide new way and view of insert picture utillity, google in draft serve new way of inserting picture in a posting. We can picture directly from Harddrive, Url, and Picasa (using account) complate with picture preview, with this utillity we can also inserting old picture we have been upload in the same blog before.
New way of inserting picture
  • Google in draft has complate it's change by add geographic location in a bottom of blogger posting editor, just click and type the location you want google will include the map in your posting.
Blogger in draft add geographic location
Better Post Preview
Blogger in draft provide a better Post preview than the old ones, On the New Post page, click on the Preview button (this is a new button that we’ve just added), and you will see a new window open with the WYSIWYG preview of the post. This is how your blog post will appear to your readers when you hit publish, with the same format and style of your current Blogger theme.