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Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at 08:14

Zekr Qur'an is the most special program among ubuntu repository for moeslem, zekr qur'an is free/opensource application for reading, listening, and studing of the holly qur'an. Trough zekr we can control the reading aya by aya, sura by sura, sajda by sadja or juz by juz. Using zekr we can translate qur'an to more than 10 language such us english, persia, russia, indonesia for another translation we can go to zekr web page and download other translation. When i try this application i have one minus point, one point of zekr is to listen (pronounce) of qur'an we must connect to the internet, i think this reason happen because the huge mount of database.

zekr qur'an is not defautly installed in ubuntu, to start using zekr we must install first trough synaptics or terminal by typing command "apt-get install zekr".
alhamdullilah,  we have a qur'an in ubuntu, ubuntu is awesome !!!