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Tuesday, May 11, 2010 at 10:07

 Tux cut is this is a small program to do the (netcut) job "cut the network connection from a user in the same network" running on linux operating system. Tux cut is the same program as netcut (windows) which usually running using visual basic library, this is a small and powerfull program to help us to safe and secure our internet connection from `greedy` user who consuming much bandwidth.

Download tux cut (*. deb package)
before we start download all application needed. Select *.deb program if you running on
debian/ubuntu varian (kubuntu,edubuntu).
download and adjust with your linux version or download the latest version TuxCut-3.1_all.deb.
Prepare supporting application
to ensure that tux cut can be running well, install supporting application needed.

* arp-scan
* arp-tables
* dsniff
install arp-scan using command :
$ sudo apt-get install arp-scan
install dsniff using command
$ sudo apt-get install dsniff
install arp-tables using command
$ sudo apt-get install arptables
installing Tux Cut-3.1
install tux cut using command :

$ sudo dpkg -i TuxCut-3.1.deb
$ apt-get install -f
Coungratulation your system already has a tux cut now, happy surffing .. :)