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Thursday, May 20, 2010 at 13:13

Gidic is such as dictionary program running on Gnome desktop enviroment Linux OS familly (Ubuntu 10.04), Gidic have ability to translate word by word from english to indonesian and on the contrary. There are a lot of dictionary program running on Linux/Ubuntu (ex : stardic) which do a same jobs as gidic do, but in 'my opinion' especially to translate english to indonesian gidic is richest list of words and have a beautifful feature 'say it' that can help us to pronounce.
Gidic is made by  Wayan Suryadarma that consist of 07,063 words. To use or try Gidic you can go to gidic official homepage, to start installing Gidic to your Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid lynx) follow my directions.
  1. Download all required files (meta package) in or single installer file in
  2. Open your terminal, enter to the folder where gidic placed, then type ./gidic-1.0-linux-installer.bin to start install gidic.
  3. If installation preccess have been finished, go to menu > application > accessories and you will find Gidic has been installed there.

welcome indonesian, good luck and don't forget left your comment :P