Hi guys,.
We would like to invite you to contribute in UbuntuBuzz!, Whether you're an experienced ubuntu or someone who just knows ubuntu yesterday we give you same opportunity.

Along with increasing of the number of people who like ubuntu and people who access this blog (for now, we have at least 20,000 page hits every day), we hope that our readers can be more interact and directly participate, regarding to that, we would like to invite you to share your experience and knowledge with other readers by writing some article.

What Should I Write?
If you have joined in ubuntubuzz you can write in your own, but please consider that you should be able to take responsibility for what you write. We give some criteria that maybe interesting to be shared, among others

  • Latest news and information about the linux, ubuntu, and cononical.
  • Your experience of using Ubuntu, your impression of using it.
  • How to solve a problem in Ubuntu.
  • Some Interesting application that should be tried, the way to install and how to use that application.
  • Desktop enhancement, if you're think your desktop looks awesome, share the screenshot with us, and tell us how to make our desktop like yours.
  • Some Difficulties that you've encounter while using Ubuntu and its applications.If possible, give us brief explanation to solve it.
  • Interesting videos that you have made or some video taken from youtube that should be enjoyed.
  • New application and PPA updates.
  • Ubuntu party or Ubuntu event that you or your freind held.
  • Suggestions, questions, polls, complaints about the Ubuntu that our readers may be able to participate solve it.
How Do I Get Started ?
To be an UbuntuBuzz! contributor at least you should have a google account (blogger), moreover sent us a notification by email that shows you are interested to be a contributor, send us some information needed to the following email address.
  • Email sent to :
  • Subject : invite me in ubuntbuzz
  • Description : sent us your gmail (google account which will use to enter blogger), and the reason why you want to get involved in ubuntubuzz.
if there are questions of a technical or non-technical you can ask questions by email above as well.

What Will I Get ?
You may not get any reward of money when writing in UbuntuBuzz!, but you will get a thousands of appreciation (thanks) by our readers or even ubuntu, we offer a friendship and make the experience of writing article in ubuntubuzz as your stepping stone to be a proffesional writer.

thanks very much for your time and consideration, hopefully this post may attract you to write and share your experience with ubuntu in ubuntubuzz or other place.