elementary OS 0.4 Loki has officially released at 9 September 2016. It's now released only for 64 bit computer systems. elementary OS is a free desktop operating system with user interface similar to Apple macOS and is simple to use like Microsoft Windows. This article provides you download links and how to check validity of the downloaded ISO file. We hope you will love elementary OS and share it with your friends.


Magnet link: elementaryos-0.4-stable-amd64.20160909.iso

How: to download the iso via BitTorrent network, click or drag & drop above link to your BitTorrent program. In any operating system, you can use free and good BitTorrent client like Transmission to download it.

Note: this magnet URL is taken from https://elementary.io front page without any change. Check it there. 

Direct Download

Link: http://sgp1.dl.elementary.io/download/MTQ3Mzc0MDI1NQ==/elementaryos-0.4-stable-amd64.20160909.iso

Note: this download link is taken from https://elementary.io front page without any change. Check it there. 

Checking Checksum Value


Your downloaded iso file must have exactly the same checksum value with the official elementary OS 0.4 Loki checksum value. If they are not match, then your iso file is incorrect, corrupted, or even worse, wrong file. Don't download elementary OS from any unofficial source URL.

Command Line:

sha256sum elementaryos-0.4-stable-amd64.20160909.iso

Checksum Value:


How: press Ctrl+F in your browser and paste the checksum output from your Terminal, both checksum values should be match.

Donate To elementary OS Project


elementary OS is a free software (free as in freedom) project from elementary LLC. It is a community-created (not vendor-created) operating system so it gets its funds from donations. If you wish to help elementary OS development, you can donate some money via its front page https://elementary.io. The language "pay" or "purchase" in that page means "donation", and it doesn't mean that elementary OS can't be downloaded gratis (free of charge).

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